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With a population of over 6,600, Sealy is the biggest city in Austin County, Texas. Seated 50 miles west of Houston's downtown area and 20 minutes from Katy, the city spans 10.8 square miles. Seated at the crossroads of Interstate 10 and Highway 36, Sealy has thrived due to its ideal location, which has created the perfect environment for economic and growth.

Stability in the area is assured through the manufacturing and industrial facilities located nearby, leading to a stable unemployment rate and indications of continued success. Items such as corrugated boxes, bricks, flanges, and concrete products are made and distributed at these facilities, creating economic stability for the region. With easy access to both Houston and Austin, Sealy is conveniently located to thrive and grow.

Austin County, Sealy's home area, was the first county to be settled in Texas. For years before the city of Sealy was founded, the area settled by Stephen F. Austin was viewed as a prominent center of political activity in Texas.

Like so many other urban areas across the State, Sealy grew as a result of the railroads that thrived during America's Golden Age of Capitalism. In an effort to extend the Gulf, Colorado, and Sante Fe railroad line further across Texas, a man from Galveston named George Sealy created a new organization. In 1878, he reached an agreement with the San Felipe de Austin Town Corporation for a parcel of land to establish a new town for the railroad to continue through. The new town, dubbed Sealy, was officially dedicated on January 23, 1880. Through steady access to bustling growth in major metropolitan areas, Sealy has grown and thrived.

Both residents and visitors of Sealy enjoy an inviting rural atmosphere and convenient access to cities and industrial areas across Texas. The city offers a great place to grow, develop, and prosper for many lifestyles.

Sealy, TX Local Resources

Sealy Chamber of Commerce - Dedicated to helping businesses throughout Sealy grow, the website of the Sealy Chamber of Commerce gives information on connecting with other businesses and news about economic development across the area.

Austin County, TX - The official website of Austin County provides details on resources throughout the County, such as courthouses, libraries, public events, and schools.

Austin County Appraisal District - This organization is dedicated to discovering, listing, and appraising property within Austin County, with information on taxes, reports, and forms for public use.

Sealy Convention & Visitor's Bureau - Providing information on the history of Sealy, local events, and places of note within the area, this website provides useful information for both residents and visitors.

Sealy, Texas Population Statistics

Sealy, Texas Population Statistics
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